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Here are some of the feedback, praises and testimonials I have received from

My Laughter Yoga Wellness Sessions and Workshops

“Kazuyo, You are light on the path of life.  Thank you so much for coming to French Camp and teach us a delight class.” 

   - Gloria. M., CEO, Diamond Care Services, Inc.

I just came home from a Laughter Yoga luncheon.  Boy,did I have fun laughing!!!!!!”

   - R. L.

“That was one of our best programs ever.  We laughed from our gut for no reason and had so much fun.  I also love the deep breathing exercises.  What also was great
was the integration of brain health tips. 
Kazuyo is knowledgeable, passionate and a great presenter.  A totally awesome presentation!!!”

   - Mary N., Founder of Healings in Motion

“Laughter is the best medicine!”

   - D. L.

" I love this class!"

   - A. W.


"I was skeptic and wasn't sure what to expect" - before the class

"THANKS!  I will be back." - after the class

   - S. T.

"I am very grateful that the Pacifica Senior Center recently began Laughter Yoga classes taught by Kazuyo L. E. Shimokawabe.  As a student in the class, I find that the Laughter Yoga exercises increase the ability of my respiratory system to provide oxygen to my lungs and the rest of my body.  The exercises are not difficult yet the classes are healthy, relaxing and a pleasure."

   - Clark N., Veteran, Senior Center Wellness Class

"Hi Kazuyo-
Thank you again for such a delightful session yesterday! Our group is still referencing and laughing (and clapping to the "Ho-ho-HA-HA-HA!")"

  - Jade, IDEO

"So fun! Very fun!, l Loved the class!

I had a clenched jaw and a lot of muscle tension and Kazuyo really helped with that

She has an infectious laugh

Super fun and relaxing!

Very funny! I enjoyed it

She was fabulous!

Loved this! Favorite one. I left feeling so happy and light, great job!

Great fun and relaxing! Great instructor!

Amazing workshop!

Fun but a little mislead though it would be more yoga

Tapped into something very different and was a venting experience

No need for yoga mat!

She is amazing! So much fun!

Best one!

Amazing workshop. Thank you!


Best one I've done!
So much fun, thank you!
Instructor was great fuel of energy!

Definitely different. Instructor is enthusiastic

Fun, refreshing! A little uncomfortable to do with coworkers

So great! So good!"

  - Participants, Uplift Family Services Wellness Event