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 Integrated Health, Wellness & Well-Being Healing System

Inspired by my Guide to Pursue to Help Those who are in Search of Answers to Healing Journey & Optimal Health

Completely Unique  and One-of-a-kind Healing Method

NES System - Bioenergetic Scan and Infoceuticals

Sacred Power Stone Healing and Psychic Reading Session

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Power Stone Healing 

One-of-a-kind Energy Healing in series of 12 sessions done virtually and remotely. 

All the sessions are done using clean, pure, living and activated real stones that hold the magical and specific healing energy of its own. Each session uses specific stones for its purpose. Specific hand positions and breath work are used to create a powerful healing effect in the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual layers at a Soul level. This is a totally Unique and Unlike Any Other Technique created by Allison Hayes–The Rock Girl®*(see below), my Master Teacher.

The stones adjust to the frequency of the healer and client to give the best healing session.  The pure stones attract only positive energy and they repel negative energy.

The Divine Energy and Earth Energy work through the layers of your auric fields - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual fields outside your body.


In addition, I channel very powerful element energies (secret technique taught only to advanced-level healers) depending on the subtle energy for certain sessions that I can sense.  This adds highly effective healing for the client.

The healing energy is channeled beyond time and space; therefore, all sessions are done remotely as if the client is in person with the healer.  This makes it possible for a client to receive while asleep!

A. Total of 12 Sessions as Complete Package  - Your Investment of $2200

(10 X 90 minute Sessions, 2 X 105 minute Session) (All sessions need to be in a sequential order)

Recommended Frequency:  1 session/week: it will take 3 months to complete the package


                                         2 sessions/week: it will take 6 weeks to complete the package

1st Set:  Chakra Energy Assessment and Balancing (3 Sessions)2nd Set:  Deep Soul Healing  (3 Sessions)3rd Set:  Chakra Cleansing and Activation for New You! (2 Sessions)4t  Set:  Past Life Healing (3 Sessions)

5th Set: Summing Up Session including Aura Scan (1 Session)

B. The Total of 3 Sessions as Cleansing Package - Your Investment of $555

        (3 X 90 minute Sessions)

       Recommended Frequency:  1 session/week

1. Aura Cleansing & Energy Adjustment

2. Chakra Cleansing with Stones

3. Chakra Activation with Stone

C.  The Complete Energy Upgrade Packagees- Your Investment of $2600 (savings of $155)

     This package is a combination of Power Stone Healing Complete Package and

     Platinum Deep Soul Psychic Reading Package (please see the details in "reading" tab)


Important Notes to Clients:

1. All clients must be 21 years or older (for U.S.A.).

2. After receiving the energy healing sessions, it is possible and common to go through "Healing Reaction" or "Energy Detox" symptoms that may manifest at physical level as well as emotional. I will assist you with some suggestions to ease them.

3. You must be open and ready to receive my Energy Healing sessions in order for you to experience the benefits from the sessions. After our initial consult or interim, if I detect you are not ready (or blocking the energy) for this Energy Healing Work, I may suggest you to wait until you are ready.

4. Payments need to be made prior to the sessions. Payment plans can be arranged. Please just ask. Method of Payment is via Paypal (from your bank account or credit card).

5. No refunds are made; rescheduling/postponing sessions are offered instead.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

* Allison Hayes –The Rock Girl® is an International Award Winning Professional Psychic. She was awarded Psychic of the Year – 2011 & 2012 by Best American Psychics, an internationally known spiritual magazine. Allison is a well known Professional Psychic Reader with many celebrity and Fortune 500 clients throughout the world.

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